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KD Grooming Studio

17 March 2017

Wincanton, Somerset

About me

I am the Owner/Director of KD Grooming Studio and Director for the British Dog Grooming Association. We groom to an extremely high standard and we also deliver City and Guilds approved dog grooming courses as well as being the only training centre in the South West offering the Certificate of Competence in Cat Grooming.

I have been grooming since 2002, starting my career as a work experience student in a well-respected grooming and training school, in conjunction with an animal care course. I was soon offered a job as a bather, I completed my Level 3 in Dog Grooming and Teacher Training and from there I gained my LCGI (Licentiate of the City & Guilds Institute) and my Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming. After nine years in my well-loved job I joined a partnership with an established grooming studio before branching off on my own and opening KD Grooming Studio.

I love my work and I am incredibly passionate about continuing to raise the standards in the industry. As well as offering support to the more experienced groomers I’m really keen to encourage the younger generations to get involved with grooming. This coupled with the fact so many people have asked me to run an event in the South West for years, has led me to hosting Supergroom SW on the 23rd of July. The event aims to be an all-inclusive grooming comp which will provide a platform for anyone that wants to compete, not just the experienced competitive groomers. We always look forward to watching the pros in action because they set the standards, after all, but we also want to showcase some of the newest talent on the block with our Juniors and Newcomer’s Competitions so we can’t wait to see some of the newest talent.

My love for the job also spills over into my home life where we own a Bedlington Terrier named Vivian, a Miniature Poodle named Grantham, a Pekingese named Mr Pickles and Denzil the Akita. We also have a cat, goat, horses, tortoises and rabbits! I enjoy entering grooming competitions with my Bedlington and am always attending seminars and workshops to keep up with growing and ever-changing trends in the grooming industry. I recently had a proud mother moment when my 6-year-old daughter Darcy won second place as the youngest competitor at Crufts so it seems like it definitely seems to run in the family. I am not one to rest, always coming up with new and exciting ideas to promote and improve the industry so be sure to keep an eye on our FB page to keep up to date with all of my plans ahead.




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