Angie Sun LCGI

Quality not Quantity
Spotlight Registered: 11 August 2018
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About me

I didn't have any previous knowledge about dogs until I own one in 2007. I am originally from Hong Kong and we used to live in flats, having pets were not permitted. I got my first dog Momo ( Puli x JR) when I moved to UK Birmingham and since then, my world changed dramatically and my dog is my priority.
I decided to learn dog grooming to help to look after my dog and totally fell in love with this career. I have been running my dog grooming company Cutie Dogs Ltd since July 2007. Since 2013 we have been privately teaching students to learn dog grooming and now offering iPET Network qualifications.
I could speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin which helps me communicate with customers and understanding other educational material.
I have got 7 dogs which come to work with me from time to time as the dog models. I always try and see from a dog lover/owner’s point of view to improve the grooming experience for both the owner and the dog.



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