Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Breed History / Description

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever shares some common ancestry with the Labrador as its thought that Newfoundland dogs were mated to Retrievers to form the basis of the breed. The crossing produced dogs with the water abilities of the Newfoundland combined with retrieving skills. Unique amongst the Retrievers for his coat of camouflage colour - sedge, dead grass or straw colour, and which has a thick undercoat and a harsh oily top coat giving him essential protection for working in the icy Atlantic waters of Chesapeake Bay. More substantial than the Labrador, the Chesapeake Bay is renowned for his strength and stamina and his love of working. His duck retrieving skills are legendary.


A courageous and keen worker with a great love of water. Independent, affectionate, but not extrovert with strangers, he makes a good guardian of home and family. 


Bright and happy disposition, alert and intelligent and showing a willingness to work.

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