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Tickhill, Doncaster

About me

Hi, My name is Sophie Badger, I have been grooming for over 2 years, I trained at College Of Animal Welfare, and have worked in a busy grooming salon. I also have a BSc in Applied Zoology, FdSc in Wildlife education & Media, ND in Animal Management and certificates in dog training and behaviour as well as canine health and nutrition. 

Prior to becoming a dog groomer, I worked as a Veterinary Care Assistant in a Veterinary practice. I learned so much about nursing, handling and caring for animals.The skills that I learned in those three years help me every day. I actually got into grooming because I helped a groomer with one of our staff members dogs and from then on I was hooked! 

The name of my salon is after my apricot miniature poodle named Fifi of course! I fell in love with poodles when I groomed them at college. They are such characters and I love that you can have them in any style! My favourite thing about having Fifi apart from her hilarious personality, is the fact I can try out different creative styles on her. We like to stand out from the crowd! 

At my salon I only use the best quality vegan and cruelty free products. It is also important to me for my salon to be as low waste and eco friendly as possible. We only have one Earth, we need to look after it! 

I am so passionate about dogs, they are my life! Throughout my education, college, university and grooming school, dogs have been the focus point of my education. If someone has a question about dogs, be it behaviour, nutrition, grooming I am the person everyone asks! Alongside grooming I am very interested in positive reinforcement dog training and it is something I incorporate into my grooming style. No dog will be forced to do or endure anything against their will in my salon. I work with dogs to get them to see grooming isn't scary and that it can be fun! 

Thank you for reading my profile and I look forward to meeting you and your dogs soon.


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