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Choose a Qualified Groomer For Peace Of Mind

Friday, 7 February 2020 02:50 AM

Being a qualified groomer in an unregulated industry is essential.  Unqualified groomers are not aware of the vast knowledge and competent skills acquired during training and its vital place in keeping pets safe.

During level 3 training groomers are taught and tested on many things, including the list below:

Canine first aid and CPR

Behaviour and keeping your dog stress free

Anatomy and sympathetic movement of joints

How to safely handle and restrain your dog

How to style and groom your dog to the correct breed standard

How to attend to nails and ears

How to select the correct shampoo for your dog, then bath and dry

How to ensure the wellbeing of your dog

Understanding of common ailments

Understanding of how your dog's hair grows

Understanding to care for your dog's skin

Understanding of diseases and disabilities

How to carry out a 7 point health check of your dog

Identify areas of poor health

How to safely use and maintain equipment

Health and safety in a salon

Effective communication with clients

Undertaking level 3 qualifications is costly, and groomers do so with a huge commitment of their time and effort. They have to be motivated to be the best they can be for your pet. In most cases it takes at least 40 weeks to complete level 3 training.  Rest assured your pets are in safe hands. 

Dog groomers on this site have chosen to complete this extensive and thorough training to achieve their level 3 qualifications. Please support them with your custom.

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