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Spotlight Registered: 21 February 2018
Email: juliehickson17@gmail.com
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About me

Hi my name is Julie and I have been an animal lover all my life and had the pleasure of grooming dogs for a living the last 16 years. At home our life revolves around our dogs 3 Poodles 2 Papillions and a Bichon, I am an active and sucessful member of the local and UK agility circuit enjoying many weekends away with my dogs and family.
My grooming career started in 2000 and being passionate about education I became fully qualified in 2008 following 3 courses attended at Hadlow College .
I specialise in one to one grooming and actively encourage owners of puppies and new clients to stay with their dogs so that I can build that all important relationship.
I use Hownd products an award winning all natural certified cruelty free shampoo range.
I look forward to welcoming all new dogs and their parents to my salon, I specialise in small to medium fluffy coated and poodle mixes.
Please feel free to call and discus your grooming needs...Julie



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  • Steve Hickson

    A very caring groomer.

  • Paula Kingswood

    I have been taking my dogs to Julie for over 5 years and could not recommend her highly enough. I have 5 dogs and she grooms all of them regularly including hand stripping my border terrier, bathing and clipping my Chinese crested powder puffs and bathing and grooming my crossbreds. She has always treated them as if they were her own and they all love her and don't even bother to look back when I leave them with her. She does an excellent job and grooms and clips to the highest standard and they always look superb when I collect them.

  • Sarah Pollard

    I love my pets going to Julie for there dog groom appointments, I won’t go anywhere else, Julie is a lovely lady and my dogs come out looking lovely and smelling amazing. I like how makes sure your dog has a few visits with her before the first cutting stages. She’s very good at her job and I will always be taking my dogs to her and I always tell people about her if I hear they are looking for a dog groomer.

  • Louise Maloney

    Julie has been Tobys groomer for about 5 years. She is a lovely lady and always greets Toby with smiles and hugs. I would never go to any other Groomer as Julie is so brilliant with Toby and treats him as her own. I travel from Erith to Swanley just so he can have the best cut and care. Thanks Julie

  • Michele Fearn

    I spoke to my vet as I was looking for a good groomer. My boys have had 2 previous groomers but I was left less than impressed by their ways. 1 cut my dogs foot and never even told me, the 2nd put them in a cage with a blanket over the top because they barked. Obviously we didn't return. I contacted Julie and explained why I was looking for a new groomer. She arranged a couple of play days before grooming them. They hit it off strainght away and the rest is history. I have a 25 minute journey to get to Julie's but I would travel no matter how long it took for my boys to see her. She is a lovely lady and really does treat them as her own. My boys really love her and give her lots of kisses. They always look so lovely when she has groomed them, she is so particular that if a hair is out of place when we are leaving she will have to put it right before we go. They love going to see her . I've only got to say we are going to 'Aunties' and they bark with excitement. Thank you Julie for all you do, you are truly the best.x

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