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4 years


About me

Soo… I could waste your time and bore you about how all my achievements, ribbons and trophies from awards that you’ve probably never even heard of, but being realistic you just want to know about me and my abilities to groom.


When I opened my salon I had set the intentions of ensuring each dog that came to me wasn’t going to just get a ‘groom’ but to take the time to learn from each dog and understand their needs to effectively do my job. Approaching to dogs this way helps me to explore and recognise that just like us humans, each dog is different. I adore that each dog that I meet has their traits and qualities that helps me give each dog a personalised groom. 


Previously, I lived in Melbourne, Australia, working in a financial institution cracking down on fraudsters. Although sounds exciting the role wasn’t a career I was passionate about. Using my entrepreneurial skills, and moving to the UK for love, I decided to take the leap and change into a skilled based role where I could be rewarded for my job. But dog grooming? How rewarding can that be?! Well lets just say that it brings out my creativity, pushes my mental ability and lets me be, well… me.

Prior to owning my salon, I worked at Doggy Styles and trained at Ultimutt in Liverpool completing my City and Guilds and Trendy Pooches on the Wirral with my OCN diploma. All in all I’ve been grooming for a total of 4 years now. 


When I’m not grooming, you’ll probably find me in the great outdoors hiking/walking with my 2 dogs- Frankie and Pixie. Being outside helps me to be more grounded, keeps me calm and gives me time to set my intentions for the day ahead. 

I also like to consider myself as a connoisseur of ice cream and wine ;)



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  • Frank Saladu

    Really great groom and friendly service. Always feel confident leaving by dog with Kristina and he seems to love going there.

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