Linda Stone (9)

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The Hair of the Dog


The Stable Yard Shops Hatfield House AL9 5NF

About me

I have been grooming for over 15 years and to me grooming is a never ending learning process.
I have successfully shown my 2 Russian black terriers a mini schnauzer and a mini poodle and taken them all to Crufts since 2010 till now 2021 being place every year, which I am very proud of.
I was very lucky in being offered a job at Oakland’s College as assistant groomer in September 2010.
I then went on to take over the teaching role of the level 2 City and Guilds qualification, and in 2013 started the level 3 qualification at Oakland’s College. I am very proud of what I built at Oakland’s College and thank them for the opportunities they have given me.
I am now moving on to open my own grooming salon and teaching school to provide a quality area for up and coming groomers to learn in I will only be having 2 learners at a time. I will be teaching Level 2 and level 3 city & guilds. Course days can be to suit the learner please call me for more information.
I started grooming competitions 2 years ago and have been placed many times .
I am working towards my level 4 in dog grooming and happy to keep learning.



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  • Claire Kearns

    Linda takes enormous pride in her job and the welfare of the dogs she grooms, both of my mini schnauzers visit ‘the spa’ each month and Linda keeps them looking smart and coats manageable, if I ever have a question she is always happy to advise on products and maintenance. I can not recommend her more highly and I also speak for my dogs.

  • Vincent Harding

    Linda is an incredibly good groomer! Full of advice and my Scottie always looks first class. I’ve literially never found a single negative thing in the years of dealing with Linda. After having an average and also a not so good experience with other groomers, I was over the moon to find Linda. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

  • Lexie Beale

    Fabulous groomer.

  • Michelle Chambers

    You are a fantastic groomer and the fact you love dogs, including my happy Baxter makes me return time after time! You’ve had them since pups and I would struggle to have anyone else groom them!

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