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Letchworth, Herts

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I currently work solo from home in a salon in my garden. Having started my working career in kennels many moons ago, then went on to marry and have children (silly me) I took a break from work. When my youngest was old enough to get herself to and from school I got into grooming because I could not get my westie booked in to a groomers for weeks , so, I decided to learn to do him myself. Booked myself on a course, loved it, started doing friends and neighbours dogs and it took off., Got another breed of dog too (schnauzer, love beards and eyebrows) . Word started to spread and my business is booming. I can honestly say I have never paid for advertisement. My customers spread the word for me. There is always quiet periods in grooming so I took up boarding and day care to fill the gap. I always seem to have another dog or 3 or 4 with my two . I always assess new dogs as they have to get on with my two.. (Mini schnauzer and standard schnauzer) . Boarders are free range all day as I groom from home and they live in house. I love watching the dynamics in a pack and when the pack changes. I could watch them all day.
I thoroughly enjoyed studying the anatomy and physiology, different coats and first aid, all aspects of the job and continue to further educate myself at seminars and workshops through out the year.
I have now added Emmipet tooth care at an additional cost, to my services. As teeth cleaning is an important part of grooming our dogs.
I just love dogs <3



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    I have used PONGOES DOG GROOMING for a couple of years now since into the area . I was recommended to mandy by a friend . Mandy is very professional and friendly she also offers good advice .

  • Helen Maving

    Pongoes was recommended to me by other groomer. I take my dog every four weeks to be groomed. I also take my mother dog every 8 weeks . Mandy is brilliant with the dogs . They come home looking beautiful. Mandy is really friendly. I wouldn’t take the girls anywhere else .

  • Amanda Mander

    Mandy is amazing. I found her by chance in 2009 and have used her ever since. She is kind and patient with the dogs and doesn’t cut corners. Dogs smell fresh and look great every time. Didn’t have a dog for 5 years, but now have a new puppy who has already been to see Mandy - I now live 30 mins drive away, but didn’t even consider looking locally for a groomer. First class and top quality

  • Poppy Sewell

    Mandy is professional and her quality of work is indisputably the best around. Always has some advice when my knowledge is lacking and loves my dogs like her own. I love seeing how excited my dogs get when the see Mandy! Never been anywhere else with my shepherd and he LOVES being groomed by her, despite being a fussy type! 10/10 would recommend. Can not fault her.

  • Debbie Tinsey

    I cannot recommend Mandy highly enough. We have taken all of our dogs to Mandy and she has met all their challenges - behaviours and coats!

  • Karen Taft

    Mandy is great...I was recommended to Pongoes by a friend and have never looked back. Miley always comes back looking well groomed and Mandy has given me advice about various conditions I've had concerns about.

  • Fiona Schreuder

    I can highly recommend Mandy. Our dog had an experience with another groomer that left her terrified of a brush or comb. I found Mandy via a friend and explained how anxious our dog was. Mandy was so kind and patient, initially giving her a very short session and building up to a full groom. I know that our dog us in good hands with Mandy. She is a labradoodle (mostly poodle) but doesn't come out with a full on poodle cut as has happened in the past with previous groomers. You won't regret taking your dog to Mandy

  • Mel Mattin

    Would highly recommend Mandy.

  • Mel Mattin

    Would highly recommend Mandy.

  • Mel Mattin

    Would highly recommend Mandy.

  • Mel Mattin

    Mandy used to do a fantastic job grooming my late white German shepherd Alfie. I know have 2 stubborn old tyme bulldog that need some persuading!! Mandy does a great job with them both. Definatly would not take them anywhere else

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