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I have been in the grooming industry for over 20 years. I have owned poodles for 20 years now and they became a passion and addiction. I am a capable all breeds groomer. throughout my career I have evolved and move forward into different aspects of the industry and now find myself working with in the TV and Film industry more and more. I thoroughly enjoy this side of my work and have amazing job satisfaction.
I have competed in grooming competitions with various breeds since 1997 I have numerous first place wins with poodles and cross breeds. I guess some would call me an "award winning groomer".
I have won BIS at the Northern Grooming competition, Groomer of the Year at the British Dog Groomer Championships and Irish Grooming Championship competition.
I have won the creative groomer of the year several times, and won the creative stylist at Hershey groom expo.
I actively teach poodle grooming and creative grooming at seminars, small workshops and one to one.
I work with various Animals Agencies for movie and commercial television providing dogs and my colouring & grooming skills depending on the brief for the job.

I am a breeder and exhibitor of standard poodles and have a couple of champion in uk, norway and usa.



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