Glen of Imaal Terrier

Breed History / Description

One of the native Irish Breeds, the Glen of Imaal was developed as a badger hunter in the glen in County Wicklow from which it takes its name. A terrier of this type had been known in that locality since the 17th century: low to ground, fearless and tenacious, strong and substantial – these qualities are seen in the modern breed. 

The Glen was recognised by the Irish Kennel Club at Dublin's St Patrick's Day show in 1934 where they were shown in Any Variety and gained breed classes at the same show in 1935. 

In Ireland, until the banning of badger trials in 1966, the Glen had to obtain a working certificate to prove its courage and gameness, before it could achieve the title of Champion – to ensure that the working characteristics of the breed were being maintained. 

It is thought that the Glen might share its ancestry with the Soft Coated Wheaten, Kerry and Irish Terriers.


Active, agile and silent when working. Native of County Wicklow and named after the Glen of Imaal. 


Game and spirited with great courage when called upon, otherwise gentle and docile.

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