Breed History / Description

This is a Dutch breed which works with hunters as a decoy to attract ducks by waving its white plumed tail and lures them along streams where they are eventually trapped in nets. The orange/red of its parti-coloured coat is thought by some to be associated with the Royal House of Orange and Dutch historians tell of the ‘Kooiker’ which saved Prince William of Orange by barking loudly when intruders entered the royal chambers. 

When the breed was first recognised in the UK it was placed in the Gundog Group, but since the Kooikerhondje does not work alongside hunters with guns, it was felt appropriate to transfer it to the Utility Group.

General Appearance

Orange-red parti-coloured dog with a nearly square body with length slightly more than height at shoulders. High head carriage. An untrimmed coat with well feathered tail. 


Temperament friendly, good natured and alert. A sporting and companion dog whose purpose is to work as a duck decoy and control vermin. Self-confident, keen, swift and tough.

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