Breed History / Description

The Jindo is the National Breed of Korea and takes its name from the Korean Island of Jindo. This island was, until 1984, separated from mainland Korea and this geographical remoteness aided the survival of this breed. The Jindo is spitz-like in its features and was used as a hunting dog, and as a guard dog. They have been used in the past for dog fights and they do retain their dominance towards other dogs. 

In 1938 the Jindo was declared to be a National Treasure and they were spared in the massacre of dogs by the Japanese in World War II. 

It is only in recent years that Jindos have been exported from Korea and then in small numbers. Some have appeared at dog shows in the UK and Europe but this is a breed which needs a specialist owner.


Keen expression, showing strength and alertness, yet dignified. Originally used for hunting and guarding. 


Spirited, brave, with strong hunting instinct. Loyal to their owner.

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