White Swiss Shepherd Dog

Breed History / Description

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog was recognised by the Kennel Club in October 2017 but was originally recognised as a separate breed in Switzerland in 1991. 

In the German Shepherd Dog breed, white dogs have always existed but the colour was frowned upon and listed as a disqualifying fault in the German breed standard. It is generally accepted that the Swiss White Shepherd has been developed from a white strain of that breed and there is an obvious similarity. It was in the USA that the white strain was first registered by the American Kennel Club in 1917 and it was from here that the first imports to Switzerland arrived in the early 1970s. The male named Lobo, born in 1966, is credited as the patriarch of the breed there. Further imports from the USA followed to expand the gene pool and thus the strain was developed, eventually being recognised as a separate breed by the Swiss Kennel Club in in 1991 and later by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale. 

The breed now enjoys popularity in many countries, not only as a show dog but as a companion where its devotion to its owners and its intelligence and trainability has endeared it to many. 

The White Swiss Shepherd exists in two coat types - the medium coat and the longhaired.


Versatile working, companion dog. Attentive, alert, resilient. 


Lively and friendly temperament, never shy or aggressive. Can be reserved. Easily trained.

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