Sealyham Terrier

Breed History / Description

This Welsh breed takes its name from the village where it originated, in Pembrokeshire on the river Seal. The village squire Captain John Owen Edwardes who developed the breed lived in Sealyham Manor. Captain Edwardes developed a strain of short legged white terrier using predominately white terriers of Jack Russell type with an infusion of dogs of similar type like the West Highland White and Dandie Dinmont and Bull terriers. Edwardes' aim was to develop a breed to work alongside his Otterhounds and go to earth after otter, and also work on badger, fox and polecats. He was ruthless in his selection of stock: dogs which showed a reluctance to stand their ground or to kill were shot. 

The first breed club was established in 1908 and the breed was recognised by the KC in 1911. The Sealyham became very popular as show dogs and companions in the 1930's and 40's but has dwindled in population in recent years, perhaps because of the requirement for the maintenance and trimming of the coat. 

The parent club celebrated its centenary with a championship show located, very appropriately in the grounds of Sealyham Manor where visitors were treated to a demonstration of Sealyhams working in the river Seal with Otterhounds – a marvellous spectacle and a piece of history re-enacted.The Sealyham is part of the Terrier group 


Sturdy, game and workmanlike. 


Alert and fearless but of friendly disposition.

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