Tibetan Terrier

Breed History / Description

Closely related to the Lhasa Apso, the Tibetan Terrier was classified with that breed at early dog shows in the UK as a Lhasa Terrier. The breed is not a terrier but has been used as a herding dog for sheep. 

The breed first came out of Tibet thanks to an English surgeon, Dr Greig who was working in a hospital on the Indian/Tibetan border in the early 1920s. When she returned to England in the 1930s she brought her dogs with her and her Lamleh strain was instrumental in establishing the breed both in the UK and in the USA. The breed was recognised by the Kennel Club in 1937. 

Squarely built and rustic in appearance, the Tibetan Terrier has gained great popularity as a show dog in recent years.The Tibetan Terrier is part of the Utility group


Lively, good-natured. Loyal companion dog with many engaging ways. 


Outgoing, alert, intelligent and game; neither fierce nor pugnacious. Sparing of affection to strangers.

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