Norfolk Terrier

Breed History / Description

Until 1964, what we now know as the Norfolk Terrier and the Norwich Terrier were both shown as the Norwich Terrier. This breed, recognised in 1932 had two permissible types of ear, the drop eared variety now known as the Norfolk and the prick eared variety now known as the Norwich. They are the smallest of the terrier breeds but with great substance for their size and characters to match. 

In 1957 Norwich terrier breeders decided to treat the two types as separate breeds and cross breeding was discouraged and so the campaign started to have the two types recognised as two separate breeds. They met some opposition from the Kennel Club and the campaign became at times quiet heated. In 1964 the Kennel Club relented and the drop eared variety received its nomenclature as the Norfolk terrier. The Norfolk Terrier is part of the Terrier breed group.


One of the smallest of terriers, a ‘demon’ for its size. Lovable disposition, not quarrelsome, hardy constitution. 


Alert and fearless.

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