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I fell into grooming by accident after been unable to find a groomer for our original two westies Hamish and Macbeth. This led to us starting out as mobile groomers, building the business up over a few years until I had health issues. I was going to stop grooming, but thankfully some of my friends had other ideas, and when people found I was doing the grooming from a converted room at Home, I started getting more calls asking if people could come to us. I was flattered as some of my customers were travelling in excess of 30 miles. 

I carried on doing this whilst I was doing my degree. During which time I met Ashlee who came to work with us on work placement, 4 years on she is still with us managing our salon in Newcastle Emlyn.  We both obtained our BSc(hons) in Animal Welfare and Behaviour. Both of us looking at how behaviour and interaction between humans and dogs can effect their time in the salon.

As the business has grown we now have  mobile salons covering a large part of south west wales as well as the the Salons in Newcastle Emlyn and Haverfordwest

I was never satisfied with my initial training, and have over the years attended various seminars and events with a view to improving and maintaining my skills, something I also encourage in my team members. This led to me finally gaining more qualifications. As a result of completing my degree I was also able to obtain my PGCE teaching qualification. This then led to what felt like another natural progression.

In an effort to help others avoid the pitfalls I found, we have now become a  training centre  offering courses upto IPET level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming. The training is also carried out on a one to one basis. As a result of this we have already seen students go on to develop their own businesses. Its extremely rewarding seeing people come to train us on the basis of the ethics surrounding the way we work. 

My life revolves around Dogs, I am mainly working now to support the gang of rescues and rehomes who have moved in with me..15 in total including poodles, a beagle, west highland terriers, westie mixes yorkie mixes and two ex breeder Shih-tzus.

We have always worked on a one to one basis, with only one persons dog in the grooming area. Our groomers stay with a dog from start to finish, do their own bathing and prepping, and there are no crates in our salon. We find this creates a more relaxed atmosphere for the dogs and Humans.


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  • Lesley Jordan

    Chris has been grooming my dog in his mobile van for well over a year, Bentley can be nervous and is figetty when groomed, Chris has the knack, he is so good with him. Thank you for looking after us.

  • Lesley Jordan

    Chris has been grooming my dog in his mobile van for well over a year, Bentley can be nervous and is figetty when groomed, Chris has the knack, he is so good with him. Thank you for looking after us.

  • Chris Elwell

    Thanks Lesley always my pleasure

  • Nicky Rhodes

    I approached Chris a couple of years ago to see if he could help get my rescue German Shepherd used to being handled and touched by other people. Chris was amazing, he put my dog at ease and after an initial meeting, he made light work of a 2 hour groom without even getting a growl! Since then he has regularly groomed my dog and both myself and our vet are very grateful to Chris for the huge improvements seen in Diesel. Thank you.

  • Gwyneth Driscoll

    I would highly recommend Chris as a dog grommer - he comes to us every 6 weeks to groom our Bichon .... Mali is very comfortable with him ( even if she does try to hide when she sees the van pull up

  • Chris Elwell

    Thanks Nicky, he is such a handsome chap

  • Linda White

    What can I say, he is a Saint. My rescue dogs come in terrified and with patient handling he gets them groomed and relaxed. Have sent a few dogs that had to be sedated by vets, who now go and stand happily to be groomed.

  • Jayne Holland

    Brilliant with dogs-think he has a sixth sense! Our dog loved him

  • Chris Elwell

    Thanks Jayne Morph is just a big softie really

  • Julia Upton

    Chris and his team are amazing; Chris has a calm demeanour which is beneficial for both my big boisterous boy Charlie ( Old English cross Black Labrador) and Mabel my traumatised Shih Tzu rescue dog. Chris has known Charlie is 7 but has known Chris since he was a pup. The have strong trust between them is tangible. Charlie enjoys his pampering and barks as we pull up to park. Mabel was fostered by Chris but still has significant human trust issues. However, at her latest Chris and Hannah found a unique solution to her anxiety issues. Charlie lay down on the grooming table with Mabel. Hannah trimmed and bathed her with no issues at all. My husband and I were stunned. I wouldn’t dream of using any other grooming salon as Dog and Bone Grooming focus on the ‘whole dog’ addressing emotional issues as well as the hairy ones. They are simply the best any fur parent could ever wish for and I wouldn’t dream of having any other team pamper my fur babies.

  • stephen taw

    Chris grooms our 4 and does a brilliant job. One in particular is a nervous ex breeder who we previously had to sedate and then shave at the vets but Chris and team have won his trust and he now gets a proper cut and doesnt need a week to recover after!

  • Chris Elwell

    Thanks Steve, always look forward to a visit from your gan

  • Hannah C

    There seems to be a drive at the moment towards compassionate grooming and making the experience less stressful for the animals, well Chris has been doing this for the last 10 years! You have the choice of mobile or salon grooming but whichever you choose your dog will be given one to one attention, no restraints, no forced grooming, no other dogs present, the freedom to move around and you can sit with a cuppa and watch. Great for nervous dogs and owners!

  • Chris Elwell

    Thanks Hannah. Its only 10 years for your two older guys, its been 14 really, as you keep reminding me I'm getting old! Restraints in the way of safety leads are used when required, but William, Archie and Reuben now have settled into our routine. IThank you to you and the ASBO twins

  • Julia Upton

    I cannot recommend Dog and Bone dog grooming highly enough; yesterday’s appointment was pivotal for my rescue Shih Tzu Mabel. Not only did bark with happiness as we arrived at the salon, but she actually pestered Hanna to let her join Charlie, her rather large Old English Black Labrador cross, in the bath! This would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago. Mabel the reticent initiating human contact? It was a joy To see her broad grin as she proudly strutted around the salon. Mabel was so relaxed ; this is a real credit to Hanna‘s kindly, calm manner. So if you want fantastic grooming, as well as, the ultimate in physical, emotional and psychological care for your fur baby; then this is the perfect place to come.

  • Jayne Stone

    Chris is truly one of life’s true gents. I was recommended to use Dog and bone grooming after moving to the area and I am so glad I did. My dog isn’t just a pet but my child so a huge part of my family and as such you want the best for your family. I found just that in Chris and his team. Flokie goes in wagging his tail and comes out still wagging his tail. Chris and his team know exactly how to take care of your precious pup so you don’t have to worry at all. Just perfect!

  • Gwyneth Driscoll

    Chris is highly recommended - Mali my Bichon loves her pampering sessions with him even though she tries to hide when the van pulls up. Chris has got time and patience to listen and advise if I have any concerns - in my opinion .....highly recommended ( and very much missed at the moment

  • Sharon Owen

    I was employed by Chris for a number of years after I applied for a position as a trainee groomer. I was trained as a dog groomer and I undertook some external qualifications later down the track. Chris' great training ability I believe comes from his people skills. His technical ability, patience and understanding of the dogs are second to none and I feel that his continuous teaching methods gave me the confidence and technical ability to set up my own business. I have since emigrated to Australia and have opened my own dog grooming business which is going from strength to strength. Chris continues to be a great source of reference in my growing business.

  • Debra Taylor

    What can I say.. I've been using Chris for 13 years.. 1st class service reliable, friendly and amazing with the dogs. Had puppy cut today for the 1st time. He immediately joined with her and put her at ease. Cant recommend home.enough. thankyou.

  • Sally Wakefield

    Do any dogs actually enjoy being groomed? My old rescue Whesten Terrier certainly doesn't but Chris is marvelous and so patient with her - he treats her like one of his own family pets. I am always so happy with her cut and would recommend Chris without hesitation.

  • Victoria Owens

    Our 6 month cavapoo puppy Max had his first haircut this morning and Chris was great and very patient with him. Would highly recommend.

  • Leo Dashwood

    We are very happy and please with Chris every time. His mobile service suits our dog that finds travelling stressful. He is polite, professional and extremely good with animals. We would recommend Chris to anyone looking for a fab dog groomer who really cares and has all the skills to back it up. Many thanks.

  • Leo Dashwood

    We are very happy and please with Chris every time. His mobile service suits our dog that finds travelling stressful. He is polite, professional and extremely good with animals. We would recommend Chris to anyone looking for a fab dog groomer who really cares and has all the skills to back it up. Many thanks.

  • Ivor james Leeo

    Used to dread taking our very nervous Goldendoodle to the groomers. Now thanks to Chris's Mobile service no more worry for us or Honey. His grooming skills and his obvious love of dogs

  • Ivor james Leeo

    Oops ..Part two .. make the whole experience a pleasure where once it used to be a nightmare. Thankyou Chris

  • Debra Taylor

    Been with Chris now for 14 years . He groomed my beautiful Westir

  • Debra Taylor

    Continued... He groomed my beautiful Westie Maya until she passed away. Then when we got another puppy there was no choice but to get back in touch with Chris. We had our Poppy now for almost a year. Chris is so good with her, he has patience and understanding whilst always listening to what we want. He is always professional and cheery. I would never use anyone one else .For us it Chris or no cut. Poppy was groomed again today her cut is beautiful .Thankyou

  • Nigel Handscombe

    Been using Chris for some time Cassie loves going there and they do a great job, indeed a mile away from Newcastle Emlyn this morning Cassie was excited to be going again!

  • Antonia Brown

    First time using dog & bone grooming and I’m so impressed. I have already recommended you to other dog owners. They did the de shed process on my Jug Gasket and he smells and looks amazing after it. Being the handful he is, the team were so friendly and welcoming Gasket looked like he enjoyed himself. I cannot recommend them enough that Gasket is now going to be booked in regularly. Thank you again

  • Chris Elwell

    Thanks Antonia, really enjoyed having him in the salon, more energy than a box of frogs and his tail never stopped wagging bought a smile to all our faces.

  • Julie Davies

    I had a one to one session with Chris, as I wanted a better knowledge of hoe to groom my 18 month old Cavapoo. I am so grateful to Chris for taking the time to show me the techniques and giving me a better knowledge of how to groom my dog properly. I absolutely loved doing it, and would highly reccomend anyone wanting to learn how to groom their own dog.

  • Chris Elwell

    Thanks Julie, really enjoy it when we have people like yourself coming into the salon and taking the time to learn how to groom their own dogs...

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