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We are now a Brand New ICMG dog grooming training school, staff just been launched in Wales. We have more than 20 years’ experience in the dog grooming sector, and in training people to become dog grooming experts. Chantel is highly qualified in the world of dog grooming, and has transformed the lives of many of her students to be successful in their new careers, we have changed the previous dog grooming space into a working salon providing our students with valuable learning experience. The combined salon and training School will give our students the best of both worlds, There will be some classroom theory and time spent in the salon will enable understanding of practical real-life situations that will develop the skills and knowledge essential for working as a professional dog groomer. This is why we are a highly professional and dedicated school, training people to become many people’s dream job – a dog groomer! Our Dog Grooming Training school has undergone rigorous quality assurance, as well as an audit, to ensure that we provide the best grooming training for ICMG qualifications in the Wales. If you are interested in becoming a dog groomer, you can rest-assured that our school will soon be listed. To provide top-quality training, advice and guidance to give you the best start possible to your new career. We offer a range of in-depth courses to help you become a part of the fastest growing business in the world. So whether you want to learn from the beginning or are a groomer wanting to up-skill in any area, please get in touch!



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  • Deb Jones

    Fantastic value, always do a good job. My two always come home happy

  • Chantel Smith ICMG

    Janice Haskett I would like to highly recomend this company. My dog enjoyed so much going for her grooming. She was looked after and treated with love while she was there and always came home with a beautiful hair cut and smelling beautiful. Lovely proffessional staff who look after the dogs as if they were their own 1 Manage Like · Reply · 6h Rae Powell My English springer spaniel has been going to scruffy to fluffy for 3 years. He is 12 years old with a bit of arthritis and some fatty lumps. He doesn't like being on his own without me with him. He will go to the groomers not give me a backward g...See more 1 Manage Like · Reply · 5h Andrea Martin They have worked with my husky too. Hes old and got some issues...and they have been amazing with him. He has an extremely thick coat and takes some time to dry. ..they also pick up and drop off if required...I will be returning soon. 1 Manage Like · Reply · 5h · Edited Cerys Nia Probert Highly recommended I'm a previous student chantel is a fantastic tutor and an outstanding groomer had the best time at scruffy to fluffy

  • Chantel Smith ICMG

    Kind, caring, patient with a real passion for her chosen profession Chantel is a dog groomer who stands head and shoulders above others. The depth and wealth of knowledge I have gained under her guidance and tuition is unparalleled and I cannot thank her for all the support and the ongoing support she offers. There isn’t a style she can’t follow, teach or create. She has an in-depth knowledge of all breeds of dogs and the ability to groom every dog with the animals welfare and happiness as priority. I hope that I can emulate her success and if I become half the dog groomer she is then I will consider myself to be a success. Marc Skone Owner of The Dog Cave, Carmarthen.

  • Chantel Smith ICMG

    Cerys Nia Probert Highly recommended I'm a previous student chantel is a fantastic tutor and an outstanding groomer had the best time at scruffy to fluffy

  • Chantel Smith ICMG

    I have recently completed a six week dog grooming course at scruffy to fluffy, and alongside learning so many new skills, gaining experience and knowledge, i also had an amazing time. I am now putting what i learnt at scruffy2fluffy to good use and setting up my own business. The entire team are brilliant, friendly helpful and knowledgeable, make you feel at home and always there to help. Chantel's huge bank of knowledge and experience is reflected in her teaching, which she is very passionate about, she really wants to help people to learn and achieve their goals and does whatever she can to assist you along the way. The salon is a great environment to learn in, with everything you need right there. Chantel is dedicated to keeping herself right up to the mark regarding all the latest industry regulations and changes and imparts this knowledge to her students. We had a great variety of dogs to work with on the course, and its obvious everyone at the salon truly cares and loves to be around dogs. I cant speak highly enough of my experience with scruffy2fluffy and i thank them all, i had the best time learning to do a job i love. Thanks for everything Alisha Yardley

  • Chantel Smith ICMG

    Leigh Loftus Just wanted to add a few comments about the training I received whilst doing my course at Scuffy 2 fluffy. I was welcomed from day one and received nothing but the best of training. Chantel is always with you and explains everything well and installed a lot of confidence in me. She covers all aspects of grooming/setting up your own business in great detail and gives excellent hints and tips. The atmosphere is relaxed but busy and you are treated like a valued staff member. You are given a wide variety of dogs to groom which is excellent experience for future employment. After the course she continues to be on hand if needed to run things past her or give valuable suggestions etc and I honestly feel I have gained a friend as well. I cannot recommend the course enough as it has enabled me to follow my dream of once again working with animals. Thank you Chantel :) and Jonpaul :)

  • Pauline Jones

    Fantastic grooming school & Chantel the tutor is fantastic. You made to feelook welcome there as i did my 6 weeks advanced course here.

  • Pauline Jones

    When I did my 6 week course Chantel give the courage to get back into the grooming industry & helped me to regain my confidence and gave me the support when it came to doing the exams. She is always there if you need help and advice on anything and everyone there are friendly and feels like your second family. You are made welcome by Chantel, Paul and all the staff, defintley recommend doing a course here.

  • Megan Carpenter

    I done my dog grooming course in March 2017 at Scruffy2Fluffy in Bargoed. Honestly from start to finish it was fantastic, everyday was different. I had previous experience from working in dog groomers but hardly any grooming experience at all. Chantel was an outstanding teacher she really makes you feel so comfortable right from your first day all the way through to the end. I never thought I would be any good at dog grooming but practise definitely makes perfect. I am now super proud of how far I've come and I owe it all to Chantel and Paul because without them I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you :)

  • Chantel Smith ICMG

    Thank you lovely people for your kind recommendations xx

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