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Are you Overwhelmed? - By Bill Betts

Friday, 30 July 2021 01:38 PM

Beating Overwhelm in your business

You have your fourth difficult dog on the table, the last one is in the kennel at the back of the shop waiting for its owner and boy is it telling you about it. Bark bark bark. This dog just won’t be quiet and the one on the table is determined to do itself an injury trying to back flip off like Tom Daley in the 2012 Olympics!

The phone then rings for the twelfth time that day. YES, LOCKDOWN HAS FINISHED, and the world and their wife now want to book in their darling dogs.

The cup inside your head is now very very full and you feel like it’s about to spill over. Those thoughts rise up into your subconscious.

“I just can’t cope with this.” “I just want to lock the door and run away.” “I am not coming in tomorrow.” “Why won’t that flipping phone stop ringing!!!!”

This all feels very negative at this point and the job that you started with all that passion and drive is no more. But let’s look at this in detail. You have dogs on the table, it’s the fourth dog that day and the phone is ringing. From an outsider’s point of view your business is thriving. Its doing really well, you are really busy. Your friends at the school gates congratulate you on doing so well but deep down you’re simply tired, scared and ready to throw in the towel.

You are a victim of your own success!

So what has led to this overwhelming feeling? Well, that beast of a business that you started a while back has been running circles around you. Maybe you haven’t been watching the figures and realising that you are in a period of real growth? Maybe you haven’t got a system that keeps track of your customers and you don’t realise how many new ones you have registered in the past six months? Your accounts are backing up along with your messages and notifications.

How do we beat the overwhelm?

ACTION BEATS OVERWHELM. Take a look at your business. The phone is ringing because you are in demand. If your prices are too low, then everyone is going to be booking in with you. So first of all, lets increase those prices. IF you’re going to be really busy then let’s make some money too. You don’t need every customer you just need enough.

Look at your business and delegate. What tasks do you do within your business that someone else could? Is it time to hire an apprentice or a bather? A cleaner? A virtual assistant? Are your diary and customer details computerised? Do you have a system like Savvy that can do so much for you?

Reach out for HELP.
You cannot do everything. As you know there isn’t enough time so delegate and outsource. Yes, it may cost money however it is an investment. Time is so valuable, and I am sure you would pay good money to overcome the feeling of overwhelm. You will take back control of your business and as a consequence you and your business will THRIVE together.


Bill Betts


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