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FURminator, Frequently asked questions

Saturday, 12 February 2022 04:38 PM

Q: Can I use the FURminator deshedding tool on any dog? 

A: The FURminator deshedding tool is specifically for use on a Fur bearing dogs. The definition of ‘FURbearing’ is hair that grows to a pre determined length and then stops. Most owners of FURbearing dogs will find discarded hair around the house whereas dogs that are hair bearing lose a very small amount of hair. 

Q: Will the FURminator deshedding tool break the hair and destroy my dogs coat?

A: All tools have the potential to upset the apple cart when it comes to dogs coats, the trick is to know when to stop using it. Deshedding tools are designed to remove the undercoat of FURbearing dogs. They have been designed so well that you can actually feel when they are working correctly. If the tool starts to remove lots of the top coat, then you should immediately stop using it. The top coat is the shiny outer hair that acts as protection to the dog or cat, the undercoat is the soft and downy hair that gets dropped and discarded when not needed. When using the tool, always make sure that the hair that is being removed is the downy soft fur, any more than a few shiny top coat hairs and you should stop and your job is done. 

Q: What is the difference between the FURminator and other deshedding tools? 

A: The FURminator is such a popular tool that the actual act of deshedding has become known as FURminating. It has been designed by groomers and is constantly being re-imagined and re-developed to ensure that it is comfortable and effective for both animal and groomer/owner. It has an ergonomic design so its comfortable in the hand and has a number of features that allow it to be stored safely as well as a FUReject button to allow for use with one hand so that you always have the other hand on the animal being groomed. 

Q: Does FURminator only cater for Fur Bearing dogs? 

A: FURminator has a product for every coat type. Its just the De-shedding tool that removes the undercoat and is associated with the brand name. See below for a list of tools for other coat types: 

Dual Brush - Use the pronged side for Silky coats and long haired dogs and the bristle side to shine a short haired coat up. 

Rake - Ideal for long haired shedding breeds like Malamutes and Chow Chows. The hair that these types of breeds is a bit too long for effective use of the FURminator de-shedding tool. So a rake would be used on the longer haired areas and the deshedding tool on the shorter areas like the face and legs. 

Slicker Brush - For use with hair bearing dogs. Dogs that do not grown their hair to a pre determined length, but just like ours, it grows and grows. 

Comb - For use on all dogs and cats. 

Bathing Brush - Simply dispense the pet shampoo into the container and allow the brush to really get to grips with the coat and distribute the shampoo whilst creating a lather for a really effective clean. (recommended for pet owner use)

Curry Comb - This essential tool is a must for owners and groomers alike. It takes out undercoat on very short breeds like French Bulldogs or Min Pins without any damage to the top coat and helps distribute the dogs own oils. 

Q: What is the difference between the short hair de-shedding tool and the long hair de-shedding tool? 

A: It really depends on the length of the dogs coat. FURminator De-shedding tools aren’t for long haired dogs, you would use a rake for those. They are all for short haired dogs but some short haired dogs have longer hair than others. The long hair tools go deeper towards the root of the hair but you wouldn’t use these on the very short coats. For more information, ask your professional groomer for advice. 

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