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Insurance for Pet Grooming Businesses

Monday, 14 February 2022 11:15 AM

Insurance for Pet Grooming Businesses

Any business proprietor should take the question of insurance very seriously. Not only are

there legal obligations regarding the insurance you must purchase, but, with animals in your

care, professional obligations also come into account.

Insurance is supposed to provide peace of mind. However, think carefully about what you

need to operate your business safely and responsibly. A few key tips:

• Inform the Insurance broker / insurer of all business activities you do. If you do not

tell them, it may not be covered if you have an accident.

• Always read your policy documentation, in particular any statement of fact issued.

• If you are insuring your buildings and/or contents make sure these are regularly

reviewed and insured for the correct rebuild/replacement value. A claim may be

reduced by the percentage you are underinsured, this is called the condition of


• All claims must be reported as soon as possible in order that the insurer’s position

has not been prejudiced (it is worth contacting your broker/insurer if you have a

problem, even if you are not making a claim at that point, so that there is a record of

your situation, and they can advise you accordingly).

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance protects you and your business against claims brought against you

by third parties. It provides legal liability for injury to third parties or damage to their

property. Public Liability is not a legal requirement, but it is good business practice.

Examples of potential claims:

(a) A customer drops off a dog and slips on a wet floor in your grooming salon and

injures themselves.

(b) You enter a customer’s home to look after their dog and upon entering the

customer’s home you knock off an expensive vase causing it to break.

(c) A dog you are walking escapes from your control and runs into traffic causing a car


Care, Custody & Control Insurance

Most insurance policies will not extend to cover you against your legal liability for loss of

or injury to animals in your care, custody or control. We strongly suggest you ensure this

cover is in place, as accidents can happen. Ensure you cover the cost of veterinary fees

following accidental injury, and compensation payments following the accidental death or

loss of an animal in your care.

Examples of Potential Claims:

(a) Whilst grooming a dog you accidentally cut it. Resulting in a trip to the vet and

stitches being required.

(b) A dog manages to escape from your control and runs off and disappears.

(c) Upon returning a dog to the owner, in your vehicle, you have a road traffic accident,

and the dog is killed.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Employer’s Liability Insurance is a legal requirement. As the employer you are responsible

for the health and safety of your employees while they are at work. Injury or disease to an

employee whilst in your employment could result in a claim being brought against you.

You must ensure you provide up-to-date and relevant training to all employees, and this is

documented. Do not allow an employee to do something if they have not had the

appropriate training. Refer to for further assistance and advice.

Employer's Liability Insurance indemnifies you to meet both defence costs and

compensation awards.

If you have volunteers or work experience these are also classed as employees.

Example of Potential Claims:

(a) An employee injures their back whilst lifting a dog onto the grooming table. No

training has been provided for manual handling.

Personal Accident Insurance

This insurance will provide you, the proprietor, (and if required your employees also) with

weekly benefits/income whilst you are unable to work following an accident. This can also

cover death and capital benefits (such as loss of a limb, hearing, sight).

Some policies cover is as a result of an accident during business hours only, and other

polices can provide 24-hour cover.

You can also get cover (usually with a different insurer) to extend for loss of income as a

result of illness; however, the premium is a lot more expensive.

Examples of Potential Claims:

(a) Business Personal Accident. Whilst grooming a customers’ dog, the dog becomes

unsettled and turns round and bites your hand. This results in a serious injury and

damage to the tendons in your hand.

(b) 24 Hour Personal Accident. You slip at the top of your stairs at home and fall all the

way down breaking your leg on impact.

(c) 24 Hour Personal Accident. Whilst out walking you are hit by a car which results in

hospitalisation and being unable to work for a period.

Please note that there may be a deferment period / excess that applies to this cover,

meaning claims for incidents when you are off work for a certain period (e.g., two weeks)

may not be covered.

Vehicle Insurance

If your business uses motor vehicles on the road, it is a legal requirement to purchase at

least third-party motor insurance.

You should ensure your cover extends to include business use and let the insurer know

exactly what you are using the vehicle for.

If your business vehicle has been modified in any way, you must disclose this to the insurer,

as if you do not this could result in a claim being declined.

Property Insurance

If you are running your business from your own home or an outbuilding within your own

property, you must inform your Household insurer. Many will just note the policy, some

may charge extra premium, but some insurer’s philosophy is that they will not continue

cover for any aspect of your household insurance and you will need to obtain cover with an

alternative insurer.

Some household insurers may not wish to cover the actual outbuilding you are grooming

from. Be it a garage, barn, summerhouse, shed, etc – you may need to cover this with your

business insurer.

If you are grooming from a business location and you do not own the building, you must

ensure the landlord has arranged adequate buildings insurance, which as the tenant he may

ask you to reimburse him for. Within the lease there maybe conditions that state you are

responsible for insuring some parts of the building, such as the glass (shop front) or in fact

even the whole building. We would suggest you discuss this with your landlord and review

your lease, so you fully understand your obligations.


To conclude, your customers (animals and people), staff and property are very important for

the livelihood and reputation of your business and having the correct insurance cover can

protect you if an incident occurs.

If you are unsure of the cover and you need or wish to discuss your existing insurances,

please contact us and we will happily assist.

At Pet Professionals at Work, we understand the insurance needs of your profession and

our staff have many years of experience dealing with pet care business.

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