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Giving each dog their own Signature Style
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About me

I began my journey to becoming a fully qualified dog grooming stylist as an apprentice dog groomer with Solihull college.This opened my doorway into the grooming world. Dog grooming was fascinating to me!

Half was through my apprenticeship I brought my first puppy, and met my best friend, Buddy the Toy Poodle. But who could just leave it at a puppy? Not me! I also came back with my then baby horse Harry! These two would then go on to become my world.

After my apprenticeship had finished I gained another grooming job at a commercial grooming salon which taught me so much more about the industry itself and enabled me to a wider range of dog breeds in which to practice my breed cuts. My favorite breeds to groom being anything wool coated! It was great to be working with other groomers and to be able to gain more skills from one another and be part of a team.

It was at this point I entered my first dog grooming competition with a lovely Bichon Frise called Gracie. Gracie behaved incredibly for me and we came 2ND place.

A few years later I then decided to do my level 2 and 3 city and guilds. I did this with Summit Training Center.

Upon completing my level 3 I then opened my own dog grooming salon in Bloxwich , Walsall called 'The Signature Stylist' with my partner Simon.

The Signature Stylist is a modern, fully insured dog grooming salon providig a professional dog grooming service with a holistic approach for your dog.

Our Team of talented Stylists are not only always striving for perfection but are also dedicated to providing your dog with a safe, calm and relaxing grooming enviroment. 

From Teddy styles to breed standard trims, we cater to your dogs individual needs finding your dog their own Signature Style.

As well as being a dog grooming stylist I am also trained in Reiki to Level 2 making me a Reiki Practioner. Reiki can be used during the grooming process to help calm and relax nervous dogs.

Continual personal development is something that is incredibly important to me and as a result I regularly attend as many seminars, trade events and grooming specific days as I can to help keep me fully up to date with all things grooming and pet related. I am constantly brushing up on my skills and my next goal is to compete at another dog grooming competition.


  • Simon Jones

    Highly recommended!

  • Al Roberts

    I've seen Abby's work first hand while she was working as an apprentice and even then it was clear and obvious that she had a natural flair for not only grooming the dogs but also handling them in a calming and caring manner.

  • Skye Davies

    Highly recommended!

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